Your feminine area is unique

If you use soaps or harsh products that you would normally use on the rest of your body, you can actually cause more harm than good. You can actually cause or aggravate issues such as odour, dryness or even infections by upsetting the pH balance.

Your private area actually naturally cleans itself, so it’s best to simply wash yourself daily, with warm water and Loeva feminine wash.

Why Loeva?

Well for one it is actually developed specifically for your feminine area. It helps maintain anatural pH balance while gently, but effectively cleansing.If you need to quickly cleanse and freshen up yourself after exercising of just at the end or beginning of the day, use Loeva feminine wash which is designed for your delicate area and is convenient to use.

Why use Loeva feminine wash?

The skin in your private area requires special care, especially when it comes to hygiene. That area has a pH which is different from the skin of the rest of your body.

Washing with regular soaps and a shower gels can actually lead to a pH imbalance, which will make you prone to infections, bad odor and itchiness, which you surely want to avoid.

Specially designed

If you’re already suffering from any of these and are experiencing discomfort, washing with regular soaps can make things worse. Loeva feminine wash has been specially designed to take care of your feminine area.

It will leave you feeling clean, fresh and comfortable. Loeva wash has been dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and is hypoallergenic. It's what your private area deserves.


Use this very mild feminine wash as part of your daily cleansing route. Use a small amount and wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water. For external use only.

About our product

Loeva Feminine Wash

Gently cleanses skin

Restores pH levels

Keeps skin moisturized

Suitable for sensitive skin

Prevents infections and dryness

Rich in antioxidants and minerals

Price: €26.99

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